About Us


Welcome to Hasa Cycles

Hasa Cycles are the main agents for Hasa Bike which started producing bikes over 20 years ago, since that time Hasa has grown from strength to strength due to their passion for bikes and technical innovaton. As a result their brand is expanding quickly around the world and competing and winning some of the more familiar brands that rely on their name for sales.

By devoting all of its energies, HASA bikes are well equipped with leading brand components and accessories. As far as creativity is concerned, HASA is very much about satisfying the requirements of the rider. As the frame is the sole of the bicycle, so Hasa have engaged in developing TI (titanium), and Carbon Fibre frames and those of accessories. If you browse through our website you will see the rewards of these efforts.

As we are the main agents we can bring Hasa bikes to you at a great price which includes the Great quality of Hasa, once ridden the rewards of  their efforts can be clearly seen and felt and even beats some of the more expensive familiar brands.

If you would like to receive a copy of our bike catalogue please fill in your request on our contact page.